Hello! Call me Evvy!
I live here on the island and if anyone asks I've been here forever. If you can't find me working at the bar I'm most likely off on my boat The Skypine with my lovely dog Poe or frolicking in the woods somewhere. Have an amazing day!

(This is a character that is part of the Shorehaven RP. Not a real person.)

18th February 2012

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15th February 2012

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Is everyone having a great festival?

I’m having an awesome festival

13th February 2012

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I’m going to be in the kitchen all day.


You should all come out for the eating contest tonight.

Even if you don’t want to participate, there’s going to be plenty of good food. :D

This means I’m going to be hanging around the kitchen all day…begging for food…

Everyone come to the eating contest because Malcolm is the best chef on the island. And there will be proof!

11th February 2012

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malcolmkinnear-deactivated20120 said: Who's Ashton Catcher?

And I'm totally serious, Evvy. You've basically been running the bar since Alex left, and we've been great. And I'm not going anywhere. I'll help you. I just figured that with people knowing about my prison time, it'd be better for the bar if your name was on it, you know?

He was a guy who did this show that pranked people. It’s not important. 

We should split everything. You bought the place! We need champagne. The Bar has champagne! We own the bar! Oh my god this is going to be some grand adventure. 

Also don’t worry about the prison sentence thing. Everyone loves you. You’re adorable. You bought me a bar on a whim. 

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11th February 2012


malcolmkinnear-deactivated20120 said: Evvy, I wanted to tell you as soon as everything was official, but I've bought Skinny Dick's. I just didn't like the idea of someone else coming in and changing everything.

Anyway, since you've been working there longer than I have, and you obviously know how to run the place, I put your name on the deeds. So basically, Skinny Dick's is yours now. :D

….Are you serious?! Malcolm this is amazing! How..why…you can’t just give me everything mister. Can I tell people? Is this real? Am I being punk’d? Where’s Ashton Kutcher?

Jesus Christ Malcolm what if I’m horrible at running a bar?

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11th February 2012


strangerererthanfiction said: Hey, I'm Preston. I just moved to the island but I saw that you like boating. Do you go out often?

Oh god this never said I had a message. I’m sorry Preston! It’s nice to meet you! I love boating! I have a wonderful sailboat and I go out every chance I get. 

3rd February 2012

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Double Coffee


Double Coffee

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28th January 2012

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Savannah, Georgia.
River boat.


Savannah, Georgia.

River boat.

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20th January 2012

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When puppies attack…


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18th January 2012

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Otters Chasing A Butterfly

oh my fucking god

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